Our Story

It would be easy to say that Ashok Tea was born in 1979 as a small tea store at Topkhana, Ujjain and be done with it, but there is an honest and colourful truth that deserves more words. Here is the real Ashok Tea story:

4:30 AM. Dawn breaks and sun quickly covers the North-eastern sky. The men and women of the community leave their homes laden with taukri (baskets), and an unmatched desire to thrive. The ancestral knowledge of harvesting is their best tool to produce the world’s finest thing that we treasure – TEA.

Mr, Ashok Jain couldn’t go a day without learning, tasting and discussing the infinitely complex yet completely understandable world of tea.

Over time, he squeezed out the real principles of tea industry. Entrenched by the differences between tea varietals, and by the mechanics of plucking and processing tea, he became a tea geek, and then a tea entrepreneur.

In year 1985, the store expanded and in the 2002, was transformed to become the biggest retail store for tea in Central India Malwa region.

Today, it’s his zeal and passion to spread freshness, provide quality tea products, connect loyal tea lovers with carefully handcrafted teas. While he continues to learn he takes pride in the journey from seed to cup. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The tea industry is an old industry.

It has established a complex system of processors, distributors, importers, exporters, auction houses, warehouses, buyers and sellers. And all play a part in distancing tea’s true essence from tea drinkers, putting months between harvest and cup.

It’s time for a new approach. It’s time to enjoy tea, in an entirely new way.

Ashok Tea is an old industry

Ashok Tea connects tea to people.

Not to retailers but to tea lovers.

Uniting the richest flavors of the finest teas with the curious, the cultivated, and the adventurous, all over the world. The freshest tea you’ve ever tasted, from crop to cup. There is simply no simpler way to experience the wonderful complexity of tea.

Ashok Tea brings you finest products

Mother Earth is gracious and precious. In honour of this wild and natural world, we help communities harvest the best teas across the regions. Then, our tea masters, only select the top 1% of the tea leaves from the best grown plants.

Some of our favorite teas: Tulsi ginger green tea, Chamomile green tea, Exotic rose green tea, Pomegranate green tea, Zesty orange green tea, Dharamshala black orthodox tea, Clonal Musk Darjeeling black tea, Bombay cutting chai, Cardamom Tea, and Himalayan well rolled oolong tea.

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